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Bill Palmer (son of Dr. Willard A. Palmer, who wrote the Palmer-Hughes material) appears at several of the accordion events in the US and overseas to promote the material our father wrote.

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Bill Palmer* finds the accordion he has been looking for!

*Not the guy who wrote the Palmer-Hughes Accordion course, but his son!

Bill Palmer with his Roland FR-7x MIDI Accordion at
Houston Accordion Performers in Pasadena, Texas.

Here's what Bill has to say about this instrument:

It's a pity that my father did not live to see this instrument. The last instrument he had was built with a MIDI interface, but it really didn't work well. So he played it acoustically. He always thought that the accordion would be the ideal MIDI controller.

I was the founder and leader of the HAL-PC MIDI special interest group. This instrument has incredible potential. It sounds just like an accordion -- ANY accordion. It has no reeds to go out of tune, unless you want to tune it like a musette accordion. It's about 1/3 lighter than a regular accordion.


Bill's wife, Julie plays the banjo quite well. For an interesting duet with Bill and Julie, see The Duel.

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